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What’s between you and great data?

A big shift is happening, and the conversation around sustainability is getting smarter.

These days, organizations are more commonly aware of the positive impact of sustainability efforts on the bottom line. Where sustainability was once seen as a PR strategy for boosting a corporate image, it is now an effective way to reduce operating expenses and support an informed business model.

This is where the “smarter” part comes in.

Just as any organization can measure the cost and benefit of each element of operations, they must also be able to measure return on sustainability…or else what’s the point?

The access to data is growing rapidly, but here’s the big question: When sustainability is data-driven, how do you know if your data is good enough? The quality of sustainability analytics is a huge factor in the proper identification, diagnosis, prediction, and prescription of an opportunity.

Emerging tech like IOT network options, sensors, and integrated algorithms are just a few components that support high-quality sustainability data. Other factors, like trust and personalization, are less complicated, but just as important to an organization’s ability to use data properly to gain the insight and foresight that drives meaningful action.

Business-first sustainability is nothing new, but some less-agile organizations struggle to take advantage of its benefits.

Luckily, the ubiquity of analytics mixed with new disruptive technologies means the excuses of olden days are no longer valid. Times are changing…

  • Sustainability can be low-risk and low-cost.
  • It can support the bottom line as well as your internal (and personal) values.
  • Organizations don’t have to settle for data that lacks personalization, credibility, and accuracy.

Great data is out there. Most organizations just need a hand in finding and using it. So what’s stopping you?

At Sustain, we know great data. Collecting, visualizing, and using high quality data to sustain success is easier than you might think. With great data, you can enjoy cost reduction, positive morale, and a shrinking environmental footprint to feed multiple bottom lines. That is the win-win we are always talking about.

Interested in seeing exactly how Sustain tackles great data to the ground to extract its most valuable insights to jump your sustainability efforts?
Check out our new infographics that tell the story of the journey of great waste data and great energy data on the way to meeting your sustainability goals.

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