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A new way to
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Waste & Energy Savings

The FIRST Sustainability Engine that powers eco-initiatives for the Enterprise. Sustain rewards and incentivizes employees to conserve more at work, save their companies money and reduce its carbon footprint. By creating mini gig economies within corporations, and aligning company initiatives with daily actions Sustain allows you to unlock your most powerful asset, your people.

Immediate Returns

Stop waiting for years to get results, engage your employees to get day 1.

Low Risk

Our per employee pricing makes sure that the value driven, also drives the price tag.


As a committed partner, we work to make sure your Sustain experience is "too good to be true" levels of easy.

Employee Driven

The cultural shift to drive performance, that actually works.

The Engagement Problem

  • Sustainability-driven efforts require adoption from end users to reach their potential.
  • In order to inspire people to take ownership of sustainability practices, they need to be educated, enabled, and empowered to adopt new habits.
  • Sustain's Behavior-based Solution, Sustain Adopt, will be available in 2018.
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Who We Serve

We work with a wide array of organizations in a handful of fields and industries. If you have sustainability goals, we should talk.

Higher Education

  • Colleges & universities of all types and sizes
  • Student group collaboration


  • Academic institutions of all kinds
  • School districts & franchise groups
  • Student group collaboration


  • Fortune 1000 companies
  • Large companies
  • If you spend more than 3M per year on energy/waste, and have over 1,000 employees

Commercial Real Estate

  • Properties of all types
  • Hotels & resorts