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The power to control your energy savings

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Get actionable insights from your energy data.

Energy from plug load operations makes up about one-third of your energy use, but is rarely monitored and controlled.

We use smart plug technology to collect accurate data clearly visualized on our platform. Then we help devise your most effective plan-of-action to easily save in costs and energy.

More Control

  • Our hardware-agnostic solutions and progressive IoT technology optimize data without the hassle.
  • Real-time energy usage data informs your next move.
  • Custom rebate opportunities are out there. You could qualify to offset up to 30% of your project cost.

More Savings

  • Save an average of 350 kWh annually per devices for items like printers, copiers, vending machines, and more.
  • Avoid "vampire pull" and drastically reduce emissions to cut your entire energy bill by as much as 15%.
  • See returns within months of your first consult.

Less Stress

  • We work directly with IT to move forward with the best project execution method for your needs.
  • We love helping you educate and engage members of your company to help drive these efforts.
  • Our subscription pricing model means you pay as you go, and we are always here to help you make the most of your energy data.
1 By Location
2 Your Energy Profile
3 Usage Per Device
4 Reduction Goals
5 kWh Cost Savings
6 Plug Load Usage
7 # of Devices

Details that Matter

Track all your energy consumption from each individual device. Filter by location and power consumption, so you know exactly who is hogging all the energy.

Your Energy Impact. Visualized.

Pull and track meaningful energy KPI’s from any data source. Measure your impact based on your company’s comprehensive energy generation profile.

Take Control of Your Usage

Use our scalable scheduling system to turn devices and system off when they aren’t being used. The opportunities are endless, and our smart plug devices have simple manual override features for those burning midnight oil.

Sustain Energy Dashboard Scheduling
Platform Fee
Contract Length
120v Smart Plug Monthly Fee*
220v Smart Plug Monthly Fee*
Data Insights
Software Training Fee
Audit, Installation & On-Site Support
Pro (Gain)
Free (minimum of 1,000 plugs)
3 years
Up to 50 users
Hourly Energy Data + Custom Generation Profile
Energy Savings by Location/Device/Group
Rebate Discovery, Support + Submission
Dedicated Sustain Team for Data Analysis + Scheduling
Custom Pricing
Premium (Sustain)
Free (minimum of 250 plugs)
5 years
Hourly Energy Data + Custom Generation Profile
Energy Savings by Location/Device/Group
Rebate Discovery, Support + Submission
Dedicated Sustain Team for Data Analysis + Scheduling
Custom Pricing

*Volume discounts and up-front purchase available, contact us for details


  • What devices should I target in my building?
    Typical offenders are computers, copiers, printers, coffee pots, mini fridges, space heaters, vending machines, etc. We use historical data and an in-person audit to determine which devices make the most sense for you.
  • Is this solution IT approved?
    We work directly with your IT department to provide a secure solution that meets your requirements. We install, setup, and maintain the system so you don't have to.
  • What happens if I need to use a device during off hours ?
    No problem. All of our hardware has a manual override option on the device. Simply press the button and you're back in business. We also provide materials and support to help you educate and engage your occupants in a fun, personalized way.
  • How do I know if I qualify for utility rebates?
    The majority of our rebates fall under a custom utility program based on energy reduction. Our system will gather the necessary pre-and-post-consumption data your energy provider will need to attain the highest rebate possible.
  • How do I get started?
    It take about 120 days from first contact for you to begin improving sustainability metrics and your bottom line. So contact us today, and start saving ASAP!

You have problems. We have solutions.

Our targeted resources and tools are designed to support and champion your sustainability progress.

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