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The solution to help you meet your Zero Waste Goals.

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Measure the effectiveness our platform has on your waste stats.

Sustain delivers real-time data so we can monitor waste efficiency, slash unnecessary expenses, and measure sustainability metrics at the building and location level.

More Freedom

  • Don't rely on traditional sources for reliable waste data.
  • Use data-driven insights to achieve your goals.
  • You don't have to make a huge initial investment to get your sustainability efforts off the ground. Sustain's subscription-based pricing model means low-commitment and low-risk.
  • Get control of your waste stream with our accurate and meaningful data.

Lower Costs

  • Your current data situation could be costing you money.
  • Schedule and pay only for the amount of pickups you need based on your data.
  • Schedule your hauler pickup frequency based on your waste stream.
  • With Sustain, you can continuously optimize your waste plan based on your progressive data.

Less Waste

  • Use our diversion rate metrics to drive your landfill-free goals.
  • Use location-level and dumpster-level data to identify specific areas in need of improvement.
  • Having trouble getting a diversion rate calculation your are comfortable with? We can help.
  • The adoption of sustainability-focused habits among your organization's network and community is vital. We can help with this too!
1 By Location
2 Per Container
3 Tons of Waste Generated
4 Diversion Details
5 Efficiency Rate
6 Service Verification
7 Cost Savings
8 Goals & Tracking

Your Progress. Visualized.

Watch as your data is tracked and measured against your company’s waste goals. Not all locations and buildings are the same, so you can set customized goals for every challenge you face.

Data by the Dumpster

Our platform shows you all the unique details to manage and track each of your individual locations and how they rank against others.

Software and Services to Drive Improvement

Track your waste KPI’s for each location in real-time, so you can see the effects of the changes that we make to your service schedules.

Easy and Clear Reporting for Days

Working on a that big sustainability report? Stop guessing on your diversion rate numbers. We serve up easily understood (and pretty) visuals that clearly show the meaningful insights you want to share.

Platform Fee (tiered by number of locations or customers)
Contract Length
Hardware Integrations Available
Data Sources
Data Visualization
Invoice Upload and Verification
Custom Reporting
Audit (Starter)
Tier 1 or Tier 2 Audit + Analysis
3-12 months
Dumpsters, Compactors, and Roll Offs
Your Data + Audit Data + Custom Waste Profiles
Waste Scorecard Included
Pro (Gain)
Starting at $1000/mo.
Sustain Waste Rep for Data Analysis
1 or 2 years
Dumpsters, Compactors, and Roll Offs
Hardware Technology + Invoice Data + Custom Waste Profiles
Automated and Near Real Time
Included (up to 5 reports)
Premium (Sustain)
Custom Price Per Location/Month
Dedicated Sustain Team for Full Waste Service Management
2 or 3 years
Dumpsters, Compactors, and Roll Offs
Hardware Technology + Invoice Data + Custom Waste Profiles
Automated and Near Real Time
Included (up to 10 reports)

*Starting price, volume and partner discounts available


  • How does this save me money?
    We use real-time data hardware partners to ensure that your containers are picked up at a rate that is most efficient for you. We also help you enhance recycling efforts which are typically cheaper than landfill trash.
  • How does this help me increase my diversion rate?
    You can't control what you can't measure and diversion rates are typically based on assumptions that are inherently inaccurate. With Sustain's proprietary analytics we take the guessing out of the game, so you know what to focus on.
  • Is my hauler OK with this?
    Most waste haulers are actually looking to help you innovate. If accommodating your needs is not within their scope, we can refer you to awesome hauling partners that think the same way we do.
  • How do I get started?
    It takes about 90 days after first-contact before you'll be equipped with the data and the means to start seeing the benefits of our waste services.
  • Not sure where to start?
    Our sustainability consultants are standing by to learn more about your waste challenges, and determine how our solutions can help. Contact us for a demo in the form of a quick call at your convenience!

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